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AAMI level 1-4 waterproof antibacterial tie PP + PE disposable medical isolation clothing


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes isolation and protective gowns, is your “last line of defense” for minimizing the exposure risk to Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs). At Cardinal Health, our high quality PPE solutions are manufactured


Product Description
Disposable isolation clothes, also known as clean work clothes, clean tooling, purification clothes, dust-free clothes, sterile clothes, anti-static tooling, dust-free work clothes, isolation work clothes, protective clothes, etc. In addition to the fact that the clothes themselves can not become a source of dust emission, they also have the effect of preventing dust emission from the human body. At the same time, as aseptic clothes, they should have basic properties such as safety protection, comfort, operation convenience and aesthetics in materials and design. They are mainly medical, including outpatient clinics, wards and inspection rooms of medical institutions, as well as doorkeepers, street offices, communities, traffic checkpoints Special environmental protection, rescue protection, outdoor construction protection, agricultural and animal husbandry protection, pharmaceutical science protection and survey protection.

Style: PP + PE disposable isolation clothing (with adhesive strip), lace up type. Threaded cuffs;

Material: PP + PE composite material;

Process: ultrasonic / seam;

Features: This PP + PE disposable isolation garment adds rubber strips at each joint to enhance the sealing and protection and better protect medical personnel;

Advantages: air leakage, dustproof, waterproof and bacteria filtering.

Purpose: mainly for medical use, including outpatient service, ward and Laboratory of medical institutions, as well as special environmental protection, rescue protection, outdoor construction protection, agriculture and animal husbandry protection, pharmaceutical science protection and exploration protection in guard, street office, community, traffic checkpoint, company, outdoor duty, etc.

Features: anti droplet, new material, waterproof and breathable, independent packaging, dustproof and skin friendly

Color          Blue,Yellow,white

Material          PP PP+PE coated, SMS non-woven fabric

Packing         10 pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton

Application       Mainly used in medical surgical procedures, patient treatment

Style          with elastic wrist or knit cotton cuff thumb loop

Features          Protective Gowns, Non-Sterile Isolation Gowns, Fluid Resistant

Size                  M-115X137cm , L -120X140cm , XL -125X145cm

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The company was founded in 1992, originating as Hubei Bixing Plastics Co, Ltd., one of the earliest plastic manufacturers inXiantao city. After more then 20 years development, now the company owns a modernized factory of 10,000 square meterswith more than 500 workers, equipped with 6 production lines of polythene film process, such as single-layer cast polythenefilm, multi-layer cast polythene film, blowed polythene film and lamination. The company is also an authorized importer &exporter by the government.. The company specializes in the production of non-woven and plastic disposable products including SMS overalls, Tyvekoveralls, PP overalls, non-woven surgical gowns, non-woven lab coats, non-woven bouffant caps, non-woven mob caps,non-woven shoe covers, non-woven bed sheets, CPE shoe covers, CPE boot covers, CPE mattress covers, PE shoecovers, PE boot covers, PE sleeve covers, PE aprons, PE gloves, non-skid shoe covers & etc. These products are widelysold to America, Europe, Japan, & South East Asia. The company is located in Xiantao city where several high-ways crosse, just about 1 hour ride from Wuhan, the biggestair-port and river-port in Middle China, so that the goods can be delivered to everywhere in the world fast and conveniently. The company aims to "Survive by Quality and Develop by Reputation". Through continuous endeavours and constantimprovements, the company has established an efficient total quality management system. All the products can meet CE requirements. The products are exempted from inspection by several domesticand foreign customers, and the company was awarded Excellent Private Company and Credit Company by the localgovernment. Customer-centric and market-oriented, the company has established a complete after-sale service system. With an openmind and an eye to the future, Hubei Hongrui would like to closely with all the customers for mutual benefit.



Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
A: We usually accept T/T. For small amount, we accept Paypal too.

Q: How do I know my order was accepted?
A: We'll email or fax you the sales confirmation in 24 hours when we received your order sheet whatever via e-mail or fax. We will also send you the proforma invoice along with the order confirmation. The delivery date/Payment terms agreement/Quality reference/Order &value /Our Model number/Material/Packing detail/Volume etc will be marked in the proforma invoice. When we received 30% deposit, we will start the production.

Q: What is the Quality Reference?
A: Equal & Same as the submitted samples

Q: What's your Quality Policy?
A: Our grow-up has been based on the high quality products and good services we offer to our customers. We also feel very proud of our high quality products. If any products you received with defective products whatever in manufacturing or shipping process that's different from the approval samples, or If you are unsatisfied with any of the goods with the suitable reasons, You can provide us the documents proof to make the return. We will gladly take back the items and refund you the original purchase price.

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